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2021-October 8th to October 16th ]

2021-October 8th to October 16th-Celtic Colours International

Celtic Colours International Festival  

[updated Jan 19th, 2021 ]

Welcome to Celtic Colours International Festival

celebrate the Festival’s 25th year,

[ Next year; 2022-October 7th to October 15th ]

      [ 2023 – October 6th to October 14th ]

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Cape Breton Flag

Welcome to Cape Breton

Lynn Chisholm

Carmel Mikol


Kenneth MacKenzie

West Mabou LIVE

Celtic Colours 2010

Madison Violet

Norma MacDonald

Trevor John Howlett

Carmen Townsend

Melody & Derrick

Andrea Beaton

Chrissy Crowley

Kimberley Fraser