Creignish Hall


Creignish Hall
             Creignish Hall    GPS:   45.73677, -61.46027
Civic Address: #2123 Highway #19
an active community hall; with Celtic Jam sessions,
Friday night music pub nights, square dances, community events

Causeway to Creignish Hall
    Causeway to Creignish Hall: 

1-from Causeway to Creignish Hall, [ 8 min [ 10.9 km ]
    via Ceilidh Trail/ Highway # 19 North
cross the Canso Causeway to Cape Breton & enter rotary.
Go left onto Highway #19, drive North 10.9 km
Creignish Recreation Centre hall is on the left [ below the highway ]
right across the highway from the church
driveway is between hall and ball field
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